High atop your gilded throne
Basking in the summer sun,
Enjoy your time in the light
For it will soon be done.

Days pass beyond our grasp
Months tear away like sheets of paper,
Your beauty changes with the season
And my emotions solemnly taper.

Its growing cold now
You put on your final show,
The brightest you’ve ever been
But you’ll soon make your trek below.

A final moment
A clinging no more,
You soar freely through the air
Descending toward the forest floor.

A gust of wind here
A branch there,
You take twists and turns
But each is done in despair.

Your time is growing nigh
The ground within your reach,
Thankful I was there
To learn what you had to teach.

You shone bright and came to an end
Your final moments were most free,
With finality you crash down
And I see you were never a leaf,

You were me.