Lessons Learned

The Learning Series pt 2: Recognizing Your ‘Distant-Wise’

The following statement may be a shock to you, but here goes: There are NO new problems. Sometimes it feels as if every problem or challenge that you encounter seems brand new and specifically tailor made for you. These problems, no matter how big or small, emerge into an expanding source of anxiety where you […]


My own prison: An introduction to a series on learning

Uncertainty… Not fear, or anxiety, or even the familiar uneasiness that accompanies the feeling of being out of place. No, it’s definitely uncertainty. This is the numbing feeling running through my veins as I walk the steps up the 1,800+ capacity North Jersey prison toward my classroom. Today is my first day teaching prisoners and […]


Bar stool advice from an old friend

I recently ran into the father of one of my former students at a local bar. After exchanging the usual words and sharing a few beers, we delved into the nitty-gritty of what it means to truly live. I hold this man’s opinions in high regard. A recently retired financial trader and father of four, […]

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