It’s commencement day
I’m tasked to go at it alone
As a token of my progress
They gave me armor like stone.

It shines bright in the sun
And clinks and clanks with every move,
Not a blemish to be seen
It appears I have much to prove.

The first great struggle
It wasn’t that bad,
My shiny allure has been tainted
It appears I’ve grown just a tad.

The years march on
The battles stack up along the way,
My armor gradually turns to rust
And speaks more than my words could say.

Dragons and Magicians fought
Countless damsels rescued,
As I age all I tacitly want
Is a quite place to take refuge.

I’ve had my fill of battles
My armor barely clings to my frame,
It’s become so rusty and broken
I must have achieved my aim.

My joints creak and crack
Each morning I rise slower than before,
My last and final challenge
Is to arrive at the distant shore.

With an ocean of struggle behind
I make my way to a place of peace,
Stripping the armor from my body
I breathe a sigh of deep relief.

I fought and tried
And did my best to do what was right,
With a life of effort behind me
I have earned my sleep tonight.