The Knight in Rusty Armor

It’s commencement day I’m tasked to go at it alone As a token of my progress They gave me armor like stone. It shines bright in the sun And clinks and clanks with every move, Not a blemish to be seen It appears I have much to prove. The first great struggle It wasn’t that […]


Independence Day: Living Up to the Name

On this day 238 years ago, we declared our independence from the kingdom of Great Britain. There was a time when the states were recognized as individuals, and people would say “The United States are..”. Now we stand 50 in number and exist in a state of unity, as people now proclaim, “The United States […]


The Pareto Principle: Accomplishing goals with purpose

While living our incredible busy, alarmingly finite lives we must be sure to use our time efficiently and effectively. This has been the focus of my study over the past few months as I have read anything I can get my hands on regarding the most important of topics, learning how to learn. I have […]