How to Maximize Creativity & Leadership

Marianne Williamson certainly challenges the status quo with her theories on life, but her main thesis is that we have a path that we need to follow, and we all know what that path is. It’s innate. Williamson uses some vibrant metaphors to explain her points, including cancer cells in the human body in relation […]


How great leaders inspire action

In ‘How great leaders inspire action’, Simon Sinek discusses how the most successful leaders and organizations in the world think, act, and communicate in the complete opposite way as everybody else: a concept he coined – “The Golden Circle”. This concept relates to our motivations and goals by challenging us not to think about what we […]


The Helping Paradox: How to help yourself to help others

Think of the warm breezes, beautiful sunny skies and the sweet taste of mojitos grazing your lips as your toes sink into the sand. Yup, it’s summer time – but you better get your body toned up into shape before you can even entertain the thought of hitting the beach. So what do you do? […]