personal growth

Life Lessons at the Eye Doctor’s

For the second time in my life I have committed to wearing contacts. I say second time, because about ten years ago I attempted this feat to no avail. My combined lack of patience and long eye lashes proved too great at the time. My eyesight has gotten progressively worse over the years which inevitably […]


The power of an accountability partner: Having a trusted confidant to help you along your way

I’ve made a lot of commitments to myself in the past in regards to the direction I want to take my life. To be honest, I’ve failed many more times than I’ve succeeded. In all of these experiments to see how far I can push my growth, I’ve found one constant: when you have a […]


My own prison: An introduction to a series on learning

Uncertainty… Not fear, or anxiety, or even the familiar uneasiness that accompanies the feeling of being out of place. No, it’s definitely uncertainty. This is the numbing feeling running through my veins as I walk the steps up the 1,800+ capacity North Jersey prison toward my classroom. Today is my first day teaching prisoners and […]


Build your personal fire

Metaphorically speaking, building a fire can teach a valuable lesson about motivation, confidence and how to build sustained momentum. I first made this connection while staying in a small cabin on the U.S./Canadian border with no electricity, heat, or immediate running water. Consequently, the only way to stay warm at night was to build a […]

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