On the Oneness of All Things

True intelligence and awareness is gazing at a bee on a flower and understanding that the two are actually a single organism. In our attempt to break down the world into small, digestible chunks, we have created a misperception in the way in which we view, and articulate this view, of the world. As our […]


Humanity & Sport: The Common Ground of Jiu Jitsu

I have been blessed to be a member of an incredible team at RABJJ for the past six years. Jiu Jitsu has given me more in terms of self-worth and relationships than I had ever hoped. My only response now is to try to pay these benefits forward to my students and teammates. Jiu Jitsu […]


Empathy: It’s Nothing Personal

Sometimes it becomes difficult to see the common ground we all share. On the surface our lives are so full of contrast that we often forget just how much we have in common. It is important to realize that no matter what our jobs, passions, appearance or lifestyle, we are all on the same road […]