RoadTrip Nation: Talks at Google

Mike Marriner and Nathan Gebhard

t seems as if it’s understood in our world that the majority of people are working at jobs they’re not particularly fond of, and certainly not what they dreamed of doing as a child. “RoadTrip Nation” is a PBS series about a group of people who set out to find those who refused to give in to the conventional constraints of society and live out their passions.

The guys from RoadTrip Nation find a few commonalities between these people. First, they were ok being “lost” at some point and figuring out what they wanted to do. Second, they did not give into comfort. There are stories of people living out of their cars and living on very little money, but they suffered through it to pursue their dream. Lastly, they all had a dogged work ethic. Whatever your true path may be in life, there will be bumps along the way, highs and lows, trials and tribulations, but to enjoy living your passions, you must endure these hardships.