The Game That Can Give You 10 Extra Years of Life

Jane McGonigal

"How do you get from trauma to growth?" Jane McGonigal

Build The Fire was created to provide anyone who is looking to push themselves the tools and guidance to do so. Sometimes, during the plateaus of any activity, the motivation to keep going and maintaining a regular schedule becomes arduous. A really helpful way to spark motivation is to “gamify”. What I mean by that is to create a game, and levels for yourself to achieve by, for example, studying for a certain amount of hours in one day, or run a certain amount of miles in one month. “Gamifying” can help spark motivation again and give you another way to gauge your achievement.

McGonigal came up with a game called “SuperBetter” which helps you achieve health goals or overcome an injury. On a personal level, gamifying is another tool used to help increase motivation and help you build your fire.