The Lifelong Learner

Ben Dunlap

"Human beings are fundamentally good." - Ben Dunlap

In his powerful display of storytelling, the lifelong learner Ben Dunlap weaves us through intersecting stories full of emotion and insight. He discusses the tales of a brilliant and compassionate Hungarian Holocaust survivor, a prodigious art collector who happens to be a heart surgeon, and a ruler of a textile empire with an unending knowledge of French history.

The content of these stories is beautifully told as Dunlap pierces through a gamut of emotions. However, it is within the apex of these stories as well as emanating from his delivery that the core message of Ben Dunlap’s talk is expressed:

“This is what I’m passionate about. It is precisely this. It is this inextinguishable, undaunted appetite for learning and experience, no matter how risible, no matter how esoteric, no matter how seditious it might seem.”

This is storytelling at its finest.